Library API

Welcome to the developer reference to Exhale Companion. The code being documented here is largely meaningless and was only created to test various corner cases e.g. nested namespaces and the like.


The text you are currently reading was fed to exhale_args using the afterTitleDescription key. Full reStructuredText syntax can be used.


Sphinx / Exhale support unicode! You’re already has it’s encoding declared as # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- by default. If you want to pass Unicode strings into Exhale, simply prefix them with a u e.g. u"👽😱💥" (of course you would actually do this because you are writing with åçćëñtß or non-English 寫作 😉).

Class Hierarchy

File Hierarchy

Below the hierarchies comes the full API listing.

  1. The text you are currently reading is provided by afterHierarchyDescription.

  2. The Title of the next section just below this normally defaults to Full API, but the title was changed by providing an argument to fullApiSubSectionTitle.

  3. You can control the number of bullet points for each linked item on the remainder of the page using fullToctreeMaxDepth.

Custom Full API SubSection Title


Classes and Structs




You read all the way to the bottom?! This text is specified by giving an argument to afterBodySummary. As the docs state, this summary gets put in after a lot of information. It’s available for you to use if you want it, but from a design perspective it’s rather unlikely any of your users will even see this text.